One of the best parts of summer is Vacations.  Many people love to visit the same places every year, but if you are looking for something new, we have it.

Not just new vacation sights, but safe ones.

If mass shootings , National disasters and other threats have you concerned for your families

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safety here are some 'safe' states for you and your family to consider.

# 10 Iowa  Beautiful cornfields and baseball.   Its not Heaven, its Iowa.

#9  Utah  A good place to go if you want to check on your families genealogy, seriously.

#8  Virginia   Yes the state claims to be for 'lovers', but is also a lovely place to vacation.   Did that AND got the t-shirt

#7  Minnesota   The Mall of America......need I say more.

#6  Connecticut    Beautiful place

#5  Main    A wonderful place to go, so much to do.   Main is very safe, unless you are a lobster.

#4  Rhode Island   Granted a small State, but apparently worth the visit, and very safe.

#3  New Hampshire    Beautiful in the summer and super beautiful in the fall

#2 Massachusetts  Boston is a very cool place to visit, lots of history (and safe)

and finally on our tour of safe vacation states.....

#1 Vermont    Not a lot to say, just that it is beautiful, the towns are quaint and yes, it is safe.


So where ever you go on your vacation, have a blast, tip your Waite staff well,, take lots of photos and enjoy time off.....relax.