One of the T.V. shows that I record Saturday nights is Ghost Adventures.   If you have never seen the show, it is on the Travel Channel, and is fun to watch, not to scary.  Except for this past Saturday.

The team from Ghost Adventures goes all over the Country and the World to investigate hauntings.   This time, the boys headed off the the Clown Motel (seriously, that’s the name) to do some investigating after haunting complaints from guests.

Now, if the Clown Motel is not scary enough, it is right beside a Cemetery where locals swear that black shadows rise out of the graves, so they think this might have something to do with the hauntings at the Clown Motel.

The lobby of this Motel is filled with clowns of every shape and size and all the rooms have a clown on their door and pictures of clowns on the walls. ( I HATE Clowns)  A guest that checked out of his room around 4 in the morning told the Manager that something woke him up during the night and he saw a clown ghost at the foot of his bed waving at him.

If you would like a fun scare, check out this Episode of the Ghost Adventures, and could I just add, there is not enough money in the world for me to stay there or even drive by it.

Nooo thank you. Never ever, ever, ever could I go there.
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