These houses are known to area residents as "Hobbit houses," "mushroom houses" and "gnome homes" due to looking like something straight outta "Lord Of The Rings."

These stone homes can be found on Park Avenue in Charlevoix and are made from all kinds of stone: boulders, fieldstone, limestone, quarry stone and red stone.

They were all designed by architect Earl Young, who began working on these residences in the 1950's...he focused on the roofs first and then snugly fit accommodating, made-to-fit houses underneath.

According to a 1971 article in the the Ludington Daily News: "Sometimes the rooflines sweep so close to the ground that side windows are cut into them. The homes feature large fireplaces, generous use of stonework, and creative landscaping which helps the houses blend and snuggle into the hillsides."

It's another side destination to take on your Michigan roadtrip this summer!