Nothing like a big ol' Beer Fest to make a perfect Saturday.  Well guess what, that is what's going down this weekend in REO Town.

The Lansing Beer Fest is this Saturday from 1pm and runs until 6pm on Washington Ave, between South Street and Elm Street in REO Town.

Lansing Beer Fest will bring together 25 Michigan breweries and will be offering more than 100 craft beers as well as a variety of wine, cider, spirits and more.

What goes better with beer and a beautiful weekend, some great music.   Festival organizers have lined up some great acts to play through out Lansing Beer Fest.

Lansing has always had a lot of good craft beer bars, but apparently we still are behind Grand Rapids Ann Arbor, Detroit and Kalamazoo.

Time to catch up Lansing.

Lansing Beer Fest, this weekend in REO Town, come for the beer stay for the fun!

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