I am a Detroit Lions Fan who happens to live in a house full of Green Bay Packer Fans.  Sunday you would have thought the world was coming to an end at our house.

The Lions were playing at 4pm and the early game was the Packers, well much to the horror of my family, the Packer game was not being shown.  This is where the Red Zone from Xfinity from Comcast saved our day and my sanity.

With the Red Zone you never miss the great plays from your team just because it is not being televised.  The Red Zone gives you all the NFL action, going from game to game and showing the touchdowns, interceptions and all the great plays.   Basically, my Packer family got to watch their game after all and they felt like they did not miss a thing.

On the other hand, the Lions game was on TV and I watched it, and yes after a commanding lead they managed to lose the game.   Sigh

It's not always easy being a Lions fan.