In Ann Arbor, a town known for its left leaning in politics, has some unhappy students.  More than 300 members of the University of Michigan community have signed an online petition condemning recent protests and vigils held on campus in response to the election of President Elect Donald Trump.

According to MLive, the petition which is labeled as #NotMyCampus, was signed by some of the students who identify as conservatives and even by some who don't.

The students have criticised remarks made by the President of the University during a post-election vigil.   Many of the students feel they are facing bigotry  because of the conservative views they hold.

One of these students main complaints regarding the election and the post election protests is that they feel the campus has become even more divided.

One U of M student says that he did not support Trump or vote for him, but feels that does not give him or other students the right to belittle, denounce  or attack those who did.

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