My Detroit Lions are now 2 and 0 in pre-season play, and thankfully there have been no major injuries (knock wood / keeping fingers crossed );

Saturday the Lions played host to the Jets.  I really wanted to go to the game, tickets prices were so cheap.   Lower level , 18 rows up, mid field tickets were going for around $35 dollars each.  Did not get to go ( sad ), however the game was on t.v. so I could watch it and see the amazing upgrades to Ford Field.

The final Pre-season game for the Lions is this Friday when they will host the Super Bowl winning Patriots.   As you can imagine tickets prices are a lot higher for this game, I mean come on, love him or hate him (yes) Tom Brady will be there and it might be the only time many of us can afford to see him.

So basically tickets for the exact seat when we hosted the jets are about one hundred dollars or more to see Brady and the Patriots.  For me, a die hard Lions fan, that is a great price, even if it is quite a bit more, for my husband a Packer fan.....well, not so much.

Go Lions!  As I say EVERY year, our march to the Superbowl is on!!!

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