As a former Soccer Mom, Basketball Mom, Track and Field Mom and now a Volleyball Mom, I have seen the best in people and.....the not so best.

At a Volleyball game last night a few girls from our school came to the game and even made signs supporting our school.  When our team scored they would hold up the signs, like others signs in the gym, from both schools.

Then, it went down.  The girls were asked to put the signs away because apparently to these two men, it was poor sportsmanship for them to be holding up signs.  They didn't want to see anyone get their feelings hurt.

REALLY?????  So now is it considered poor sportsmanship to root for your school, to be proud of your school by holding up signs and cheering.

The girls who made the signs were proud of them, and very happy to root on their schools Volleyball team.  After the men who wanted the sighs gone walked away, a couple of Moms and myself went to see what was wrong.  Apparently the signs were to be put away or taken.  So, when the gentleman came back to our section to comment again on the signs, several Moms decided to walk down to see what was up.    Needless to say, the guys left when they saw us heading down.   My question to them was going to be....What is wrong in supporting your school?  When did cheering, not taunting, and holding up signs become a sign of poor sportsmanship.

That whole scene really put a damper on what was a lovely evening.  The school we were playing was very nice and polite as were their parents and family's.

Maybe instead of winning and losing, we will go back to just

giving everyone a participation medal.   Sad.....