Let's face it, we all love playing video games.  What about playing video games with your kids?   According to USA Today, the top reason for playing video games with your kids...because it's good family fun.

Other reasons for playing with your kids:  way to socialize with your child, can monitor game content and enjoy it as much as the kids!

The biggest reason why I like playing video games with the kids, it's good family fun!  My kids are always downloading different video games on their iphones.  They love to show me their new games and how to play them.

Most of the time my kids beat me at their new games which makes me laugh because I  prefer the old school video games like Pac Man, Asteroids and Space Invaders.  I consider myself pretty good at the old school video games.  Do you have any old favorites that you still play at home?   Call us in the morning at 363-4399.  Danny and Monica in the morning!