Everybody has those moments where you can't remember where you parked your car, It happened to me once at Cedar Point, but this story tops them all.

Back in June of 2016 a man in the UK borrowed a friends BMW in Scotland and drove south to catch a concert in the UK.  He parked the car in one of the area's parking garages and promptly forgot which one.

After the concert, he searched and searched and finally after spending five days trying to find his friends wheels, he gave up.  In August, the owner, who had emailed local companies and even the local government to see if the BMW had been found, decided to report the vehicle lost or stolen.

Now, around six months later, officers say they happened upon an abandoned car in one of the area lots.  After seeing that the car had been reported lost or stolen, they had finally found the car, six months after it was parked there.   One city official said they were anxious to see what the parking ticket machine was going to say after the car had been in the lot for so long.  One officer said his best guess was that it would be around 6 thousand dollars.

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