In today's society   just about everyone has a cell phones and most able to take video there seems to be no end to parents behaving badly, especially in front of children.  How proud they must be to have their fights and bad behavior end up on the internet for all to see.

I was scrolling through some videos and it is unbelievable.   Parents fighting Coaches, Teachers fighting each other, Students fighting teachers. parents fighting their children's classmates the list (obviously) goes on and on.

The latest video shows parents acting badly at Chuck E. Cheese's, and the horrifying part is that this was happening near a child's birthday party.  So instead of calling security over to stop the fighting out come the cellphones.    I am beginning to think that we should implement in our schools Etiquette  classes, where hopefully we can teach this generation of kids to not act like these adults that should be setting a much better example.

Adults behaving badly !