My morning commute into work is more of a challenge everyday.   It seems like just when I found a new construction free way into work ,more orange barrels are there waiting for me.

I live in Holt and I am totally serious about the construction areas.   Soon, my only way into work will be heading down College Road, yes a bit out of my way, but (swo far) no orange construction barrels.

First it was Aurelius Road , where they tore down the over pass and are putting up a new one.   Then the orange nightmares popped up on Cedar Street, both north and south.  What makes that rout more fun is everyday they close a different lane, one day the right land is closed next day it could be the left.  Kind of like Road Construction Roulette.

My latest orange find, was on Pennsylvania near Miller, I am hopeful that that was only a a couple day fix.

It is getting to the point that I feel I will almost have to go to 30 miles out of my way to get to work.   Don't get me wrong, I love nice roads and I know they need fixing, but it would be so nice to snap our fingers and have it done without the inconvenience.

You know its bad when Suri has a problem telling you where to go!!

As I leave today, I wonder what fresh Hell awaits me on the ride home.

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