Many people swear by it, I have to admit I had never heard of this before.  Every year I get a flu shot, but I guess it would have been better just to buy a bag of onions.  Yes, onions.  According to many people if you put a bag on onions in every room of your home, you will not get the flu.

This theory came about many years ago.   Way back in the day, when influenza hit a family, many died from it.   The story goes, that a Country Doctor was checking on families after the flu hit the area hard.  He stopped at one farm where everyone was fine and healthy as a horse.  The Doctor was dumbfounded.   How is this possible he asked, well it seemed the wife, put a bag of onions in every room and the onions absorbed the flu virus and the family stayed healthy.   The Dr. ran a test on the onion and did indeed find the flu virus inside of it.

I know its crazy, but who knows, maybe its worth giving it a try.

An onion a day could just keep the flu and the Doctor away.

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