Nicole Curtis is one of my Heroes.  This woman is amazing, she is into rehabilitating older homes that many would look at as a total knock down and she brings them back to life.

I have been watching her on HGTV for awhile, she has worked in Minnesota, but Nicole is from Detroit and has moved back and now has a new show on (my favorite network) HGTV, called ReHab Detroit.  Along with help from ArtVan and Quicken Loans Nicole is bringing back to life some of Detroits most Iconic homes.  Gret Show, I highly reccomend it.

Also a quick plug for ArtVan, They are the reason Detroit still has a Thanksgiving Day Parade.  When the parade was going to end, like so many did across the country, the Art Van family stepped up and helped, so thanks to them a Thanksgiving tradition lives on.