Nearly one in three children in Michigan is overweight or obese, enough to fill Ford Field to capacity seven times.  Obesity in Michigan children aged 6 to 11 has increased almost five-fold in the past 35 years and now threatens not only the health of many youngsters but the healthy future of our state.

Healthy Kids, Healthy Michigan--a statewide coalition dedicated to reducing childhood obesity, supports the passage of the H-1 substitute to House Bill 5196, which would establish a minimum requirement for physical education to grades K-8.  If the bill is passed, the measure would require students in grades K-5 to have at least 90 minutes of physical education class time each week for the entire school year.

Grades 6-8 would be required to have 45 minutes of physical education class time every school day for at least one semester.  These new requirements would make physical activity and education a priority, allowing students to learn more about how to lead healthy lives.