Office workers must exercise for one hour a day to combat the deadly risk of a modern sedentary lifestyle.  Research on more than a million adults found that sitting for at least 8 hours a day could increase your risk of premature death by up to 60%.

Scientists say that our sedentary lifestyles were now posing as great a threat to public health as smoking and were causing  more deaths than obesity.

Here is what you need to do, this is if you spend hours sitting at a desk, change your routine.   Take a five minute break every hour, as well as exercise at lunchtimes and evenings.  That could be something as simple as walking around your office, going up and down the steps several times, when your home take a walk (not stroll) around your neighborhood.

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Just be active, and try to be that way everyday.  You can split the activity up, just try and make it a total of an hour when all said and done.