If you are thinking Northern states have more drunk drivers, because of the cold winters, you are right.  It would seem that nasty cold weather go hand in hand with some of our more northern States.

Congratulations North Dakota (?) you are ranked first in fatalities and in driving under the influence arrests last year.  Montana comes in second.

My thought, was that warmer climates would hold those records, I mean everyone seems to be in a party mood when the weather is warm, but apparently not.   Many folks like to tie one on when the weather is at its worst.   Go figure.

So here is your top 10 most dangerous states for drunken driving

10: Vermont

9: Rhode Island

8: New Mexico

7: Pennsylvania

6: South Dakota

5: South Carolina

4: Wisconsin

3: Idaho

2: Montana

Miami Police Erect DUI Checkpoints During Holiday Season

1: North Dakota

It would seem that we in Michigan behave ourselves .  Good Job!