When you are from North Korea, go to the Olympics and don't medal in your event.....going back home may not be the safest move.   Not that they have a choice.

There are reports that the athletes who 'under preform', in their sport's will not be getting a very warm welcome home.  Many of the athletes fear they may be punished or face imprisonment.

You are thinking this is 2018, how could that happen?  Well it does in North Korea, especially if you give the country’s Dictator nothing to brag or be happy about.

Back in 1966 the North Korean World Cup  squad were arrested and thrown into a concentration camp for failing to bring about national glory for North Korea.    Now the athletes at these winter games fear the same fate could face them.  Imprisonment. beatings or even death.   Not a great motivator, and not really embracing the Olympic.

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