I will proudly admit it, I love Hot dogs.   My favourite are Flint style Coney Dogs.   We have a new place in Lansing on South Pennsylvania , Dan’s Coney Island.   My plan for the weekend is to check it out, according to their website they offer Flint Style Coney Dogs (for those who don't know, it's  meatier than other styles), There is the Detroit style which is more like a Chili, but good none the less, plus they offer a Chicago style dog, complete with a pickle , poppy seed bun and all the other goodies that make up that dog.

That will be my plan for the weekend, beside a day long Volleyball tournament, to go and give their place a try.   I love new business in our area and really try and give them my support.

Another place to keep in mind is the Fleetwood Deli, on Cedar Street.   It was mentioned on the internet as the best Diner in Michigan (along with their Ann Arbour location).  Apparently the thing to try is the Hippie Hash (it sounds fantastic).

If you find a place and would love to share with me, (please, food is my life) go to our website  99wfmk.com

Happy Eating!

well my stomach is growling now.