The price of gas has gone down, a lot in some areas, and that makes us happy.  Netflix the streaming service so many of us use to watch TV shows and original programming is going to be a bit more expensive.

The Netflix company is betting that subscribers will pay more instead of cancelling service.  The price increase will affect long-time Netflix subscribers.

In a letter to Shareholders yesterday, Netflix announced a choice for long-time more, lose HD or cancel service.

If you are going to cancel service, I have one recommendation for you.  Start binge watching The Making of a Murderer.  You have to watch that before it is to late.

I, like many Netflix subscribers got hooked on that show?..Documentary?  Anyways totally worth watching.

As far as keeping Netflix, guess that one is up to you.  That would mean by by to Friends episodes, Orange is the New Black, or Longmire just to name a few.

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