For so many, shopping is a dreaded task, for me, it's one of the best things EVER!

What's my secret?  I know where to shop and get the most for my money.   My favorite store is Kellies Consignments.  Here is why, my friend went shopping at Kellies Consignments and bought 3 pairs of designer slacks.   Two of them still had the tags on, she also picked up a pair of boots.  Sounds pretty easy right?   The best part of her shopping at Kellies Consignments is that she got all her purchases for under $100.00.

When you shop at Kellies Consignments you get the highest quality in clothes, purses, shoes, coats.   Many of the items still have the original store ticket on them.

I shopped at Kellies a few weeks back and went in to get some shoes and walked out with this wonderful white furry coat.   (Love at first sight)

This year, instead of fighting the Mall crowd come to Kellies Consignment in Okemos.  They have an incredible selection from shoes to furniture and they sell at prices you will not believe.

I consider myself a great shopper and that is why I choose to shop at Kellies Consignment.  Stop by and see for yourself, it is amazing.