An 18 year old Muskegon High School was asked to leave her Prom because she was wearing a backless Prom dress.   The girls Mom can not understand why her daughter was asked to leave.

The girl was wearing a long polka-dot dress, and she completely followed all the dress codes.    The rules stated  any dress had to hit below your fingertip when standing with your arm by your side.  The Mom also added that no midriff was suppose to show, and that backless dresses are acceptable.

Before Prom photos show the girl with a friend who also had a backless dress , and the friend was not asked to leave.    The girls Mom said that it was a shame that she had to miss out on a memorable time with her friends because of this incident.

Muskegon High School had no comment on the matter.   So sad, the Dress was beautiful.

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