Miley Cyrus is in desperate need of a Stylist.     She is such a talented singer, however when I see the outfits she wears, yes to shock people, it seems like she is trying to draw attention away from her music.  Her outfit choices last night were crazy.

If Cyrus had wanted to totally distance herself from the Hannah Montana character, congratulations, you did it.

Last nights MTV Awards ceremony must have had those hitting the delay button very busy.  Lots of profanity.

There were some fun moments, like when Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj sang together, and there were some super weird moments, like when Kanye West got up to accept the Michael Jackson Vanguard award.   Kanye is never at a loss for words and that proved to be true last ngiht.  His acceptance speech went of for 13 minutes with him saying that in 2020 he would be running for President.

MTV, it sure was a wild ride last night.