I love going to the movies and seeing scenes that I am familiar with that have been taken around Michigan.   You may not be aware how many movies are actually shot here in our lovely state.  Of course, one of the biggest, Some Where In Time, with Jane Seymour    and the late Christopher Reeves filmed on Mackinac Island.  That is not the only movie filmed in Michigan, here is a list of a few that were filmed here.

Last summer the big buzz was the Transformer movie being filmed in mid-Michigan, it was fun getting the reports and sightings everyday.

Batman with Ben Affleck was filmed in East Lansing (parts of the movie), Beverly Hill Cop,with Eddie Murphy.

Grand Torino with Clint Eastwood

Road to Perdition, with Tom Hanks

8 Mile, with Eminem and Kim Bassinger

Escanaba in the Moonlight, Jeff Daniels

Gross Pointe Blank  (one of my favorite movies) John Cusack and Minnie Driver

Robo Cop

Up in the Air, with George Clooney

True Romance, Brad Pitt

Four Brothers, Mark Walburg

Die Hard

Getty Images for Paramount

, Bruce Willis  filmed in Alpena

This is just a small list of some of the movies made right here in Michigan.  Next time you watch one...pay attention to the scenery...you might see some place you know.