It should not matter who you voted for, just being at the Inauguration , watching history and our peaceful transition of power is enough for me.    Someday I would love to witness that first hand.  You can do it, you just are going to need a boat load of money.

Here are a couple of examples.

At the Willard Hotel, located just blocks from the White House, guests partaking in the 'Stay like a President' package can do that in suites named after Lincoln, Jefferson, Adams or Washington.  That's not all.  You get private airfare, transfers throughout your stay in a private limousine and you even get to have lunch with Larry King.  The package also includes drinks from bar historian Jim Hewes, who has been mixing up presidential libations since Ronald Reagan was in office.   For 4 nights  it will set you back $450 thousand dollars.It is the 45th inauguration so, the hotel rounded up a bit.

Then there is the Ritz-Carlton Washington, D.C. where you will sleep in a luxury suite, partake in a luxe pre-inaugural ball primping session and receive tickets to an Inauguration Day event.  This package also includes a private photographer, a private car, a half day of spa treatment, in bed breakfast, champagne and caviar , a monogramed bathrobe.  One other of the gifts is a ceylon sapphire necklace - the 45thanniversary stone in honor of the 45th President.

Another way to celebrate that will cost you far less money, do what I will be doing......watching the inauguration at home.

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