Deb Petranck lives in Ocala Florida, she lived there with her beloved dog Zeus until one day Zeus decided to hop the fence in the back yard.

Two years passed since Deb saw her beloved pup, but she never gave gave up hope,  always running ads in the paper with the hope that someone would find him.

This is where the story gets interesting,   Zeus, who was missing for 2 years had traveled over one thousand miles and ended up in Michigan.  A man from the Detroit area took the dog in and cared for him for 20 months until another fence jumping.

Zeus ended up at a shelter in Dearborn where a micro-chip connected him to his owner in Florida.

Petranck drove from Ocala to Michigan to be reunited with her  lost love.  When Zeus was reunited with Deb, he literally dove into her arms knocking her down and then smothered her with kisses , the entire time she kept asking him " where have you been, where have you been".

Bottom line, this is a wonderful example of why a micro-chip is a very good idea for your dog or cat.

Anyways, the two are on their way back home, and Deb and Zeus could not be happier.

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