Tim Tebow contributed to the greatest rise in minor league baseball attendance in 23 years.

That number is quite appropriate because only one man, Michael Jordan, has done more for minor league baseball crowds than Tebow did this year.  The popularity of the former  NFL quarterback's popularity is undeniable.

The Columbia Fireflies, the Class A team Tebow played for through June, saw their attendence increase by nearly 54 thousand fans...and that's just the beginning.

On the road, Tebow's Fireflies drew a crowd of close to 3 thousand more fans than the home teams averaged.

The New York Mets paid his salary---10,000 for the season ---and the Fireflies reaped the benefits, including merchandise revenue for what figures to be pme pf tje 20 highest selling clubs in the minors.

Tebow is such a great guy that he would go down the line after games and sign ever single autograph.

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