When you think State Parks in Michigan, I tend to think Up north, But apparently not every one else does.  Belle Isle is Michigan’s favorite State Park, and the most visited.

The park is the largest in terms of attendance, last year four million people visited Belle Isle, the 982 acre island in the Detroit River replaced Holland state park last year as the most attended park.

Now, I would have thought the most popular would have been Mackinac Island.   Over 80% of Mackinac island is State Park Property, and (fun fact) Mackinac Island State Park was established in 1895 making it Michigan's first State Park.

The island has over 1,500 unique lodging rooms and is an island with no franchise hotels.  Mackinac Island is full of one of a kind family owned , award winning properties.  Many of these homes are vacation rental properties.  How fun would that be to rent and stay on the Island for a summer (expensive too).

Tourist season is already beginning, but things really kick into gear during the annual Lilac Festival in early June.