Even though Traverse City event Chef Kimberly Ryan, started off the hit show Hells Kitchen with compliments from Top Chef Gordon Ramsay, things got a bit tougher as things went on.  However Chef Ryan  ended up to be the last chef standing in the finale of "Hells Kitchen".

Ryan, said raising he arms in victory " I won!
Everything was worth it , I worked so hard to push myself through, I'm so thankful and so proud of myself".

Her signature dish on the FOX show was "Seared Scallops  with Mango Jalapeno Salsa and Spicy Toasted Rice Crispies.    Ryan prepared the dish in a roomful of chefs who voted her dish first place.

Chef Kimberly Ryan not only walks away with the honor of winning, she also gets  $250,000 dollars!!

Kimberly Ann Ryan