Yesterday afternoon, President Trump awarded James McCloughan the Medal of Honor for bravery he displayed on a battlefield in Vietnam 48 years ago.

The President said, when presenting the medal "we honor you, we salute you and with God as your witness we thank you for all that you have done for us".

Back in 1969, McCloughan was a medic at the Battle of Nui Yon Hill, he is credited with saving 10 members of his platoon, rushing back again and again onto the battlefield to save other soldiers despite his own injuries.  That battle lasted two days, five of his platoon members were in attendance for the ceremony.

Speaking briefly after the ceremony, McCloughan called the honor 'humbling' and said the love he and his other platoon mates had for each other kept him going on the battlefield nearly a half century ago.  " My heart goes out to the families of those men and women who never returned from battle'".

McCloughan has already received several decorations including two purple hearts and two bronze stars.

An American Hero.

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