So, your coming home for lunch and much to your surprise you walk into your kitchen to find a very odd sight.  Picture this, a strange man, wearing YOUR pajamas, slippers and sunglasses.  Yes, this did actually happen in Clinton Township on October 10th around 12:30 in the afternoon.

John Broderick confronted the man, who by the way was kind enough to let John's 2 dogs out (not  very good watch dogs), the suspect only said "I'm not stealing".  At this point Broderick went for his pistol, but he learned rather quickly that the intruder (wearing his 'jammies) had already found the gun.

Broderick told the Macomb Daily when he came back into the kitchen the suspect said nothing and Broderick went for the door, at this time, when he was outside, he heard popping sounds, and said to himself "holy moly he's shooting at me.  About 8 shots were fired.

The suspect originally told Police that Broderick was

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the intruder, but that ill-fated plan ended in officers deploying a taser and taking the man into custody.

No word yet if the home owner got his pajamias, slippers or sunglasses back yet...or for that matter, what the intruder was cooking up for lunch