Have ya heard THIS one? It's the Michigan legend of the Melon Head children, who live in the woods near Saugatuck and Holland.

Long ago there was a hospital that was treating children suffering from water on the brain - a condition called hydrocephalic - that causes large, swelled heads. Due to lack of funding, the hospital shut down and the children had nowhere to go but into the woods to survive.

The term 'melon head' supposedly came from students at the old seminary which is now the Felt Mansion in Holland...evidently, the name was coined to describe the 'smart kids' and somehow got all twisted and tied in with the hydrocephalic, forest-living children.


Courtesy of Google Maps

The Felt mansion is believed to be haunted to this day and people have sworn they have seen these strange children in the woods...they say if you turn your car headlights on & off a few times, you might experience a sighting...or something else...

If you're interested enough to read more about this weird Michigan legend, including eyewitness accounts, CLICK HERE.

Doesn't really matter if you believe these haunted Michigan legends or not...but it sure makes living here even more fun!