Good luck to some very ambitious Mason Teens.   The Mason High School team, 3655 the Tractor Technicians are heading off to St. Louis, Mo next week for the very first time.  These incredible students will be in the First Robotics World Championships.  These students have worked very hard to get where they are, and what an incredible honor for them.

The mid Michigan community has rallied around them and is trying to help these students raise money for their trip.   They have started a Go Fund Me page to help pay their way.  It is

This was the teams first time going to States and will be their first time going to the worlds.   Amazing stuff.

The other local team going is from East Jackson High School, the 4216 BlueOps are going to the worlds for the first time as well.   They have also started a go fund me page to help with expenses.

In this day and age, teens make the news for negative things, so when you have teenagers like these from Mason and East Jackson doing wonderful things, I feel the public should know.

Good luck to all, and if you can help go check out their go fund me pages.

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