My kids are now grown, but oh do I remember going out to restaurants with cranky little ones.  Nothing on the menu ever sounded good to them, they could not make a decision to save their lives, and if we choose for them, instant  regret.

A Maryland restaurant has a very clever idea for this " hangry child " situation.  (hungry - angry.....hangry).   Fager's Island , a fine dining establishment has come up with a fantastic solution.  The restaurant has decoded a kids tantrum into a menu's brilliant.

If your child says, "I don't know", they will be served a triple layer peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  "I don't care" will get them a grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich.  " I'm not hungry" will end up  with your child being served a basket of chicken tenders.  If they don't want whatever you picked....then its fries for them.  If they say 'What?" , they will be served cheese quesadilla.

The menu is pretty brilliant, its packed with items that kids would likely eat and love, but it removes the frustration of a ;misbehaving child choose when he or she doesn't want to.


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