One of the signs that prove spring is really here, is when the horses return to Mackinac Island after spending the winter on the mainland.

Residents of the island are getting ready for tourism season, and with that comes the return of the majestic horses.  Teams of horses began returning to the island this week.

No motorized vehicles are allowed on the Island, so the only mode of transportation is by horse and carriage or by bike.  During the tourism season around 500 horses work on the island.   They are used to pull the carriages and taxi guests around the Island.  One of the best sounds is when you spend the night on the Island and sleep with the window open and in the morning here the clip clop of the horse hoofs as they begin their morning deliveries.

Yesterday Islanders got to see teams of horses being led off boats and taken to their stables where they will be housed for the spring, summer and some of the fall.

For the year round island residents, when the horses come back it is a sure sign of spring for them, with locals posting pictures on social media that were captioned  " the horses are back.

F.Y.I. one of the first big events on the island is the annual Lilac Festival, a definite must see.

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