Chances are you basically have a snowball's chance in......well you know, but we all still dream of what our life would be like if we hit it big with the Mega Millions or Powerball  jackpots.

This week is interesting as both lotteries are nearing the 200 million dollar mark.    If is not often that both jackpots are this high at the same time, but that is when casual players like me go out and buy tickets.    Then the jackpots go even higher.(like I couldn't live on five million dollars, I have to wait and buy a ticket when the jackpot is close to 200 million dollars.

Needless to say, both jackpots will have me at the store buying what I hope is the winning ticket.  Then just kick back and dream of how I would live my life if I won, .....and then its back to reality, ,  bills, job, groceries, school.......But just for that moment, even if it is brief, its a nice dream.

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