One young Girl Scout was on a mission to sell the most cookies possible and help out he troop.  Well her sales were through the roof, she sold 300 some boxes in six hours.  The location of her cookie sales had a lot to do with her success.

The young entrepreneur used a wagon and sold her cookies just up the sidewalk from a medical marijuana dispensary in San Diego.  The owner of the shop said the customers loved it and they went out and bought boxes.  The store owner said that was an "added value" to clients visiting the dispensary.

Although Girl Scouts are only allowed to sell at "approved sites", which does not include marijuana shops...this particular scout got around the rule by selling from her wagon, and by moving up and down the sidewalk instead of staying in front of the store.

Dispensary owner Savannah Rakofsky said ' the funny thing is, after the news story got out, we had more Girl Scouts show up over the weekend.

Proving, Location, Location, Location.

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