1.1 million Michiganians will travel during the Memorial Day weekend.  There's one person who will be traveling to several locations that sell flowers, bushes, mulch, ect.  That person would be me, Danny!

It's amazing what you can really do with great landscaping ideas.  So many beautiful flowers to choose from.  I recently took out everything on the left side of our house in hopes of planting new bushes, plants and flowers just to make our house look even nicer during the summer months.

Went on line the other day to look at "Butterfly Bushes" as a possibility for the front of the house.  Butterfly Bushes attract butterflies and humming birds.  I also looked at "Bleeding Heart" plants and loved them.

So here's my game plan.  Take pictures of the front of our house, drive to Van Atta's and let the pros help us with new landscaping ideas.

There's nothing better than a beautiful lawn with a beautiful landscape design to enhance your home.

My goal is to have our home in "Better Homes and Gardens!"