I love this time of year, I am totally focused on spring and spring planting.   I am a gardener and that is only  one of the reasons I LOVE The Home and Garden Show

The show kicks off today at the MSU Pavilion and the building is jam packed with every kind of vendor you would ever need.  Gardeners, landscapers, cooks, interior designers, hot tub sales, flooring experts......I could go one, but it would just be a lot easier and fun for you if you we4nt to check it out for yourself.

The show opens today (Thursday) at 3pm and goes until 9pm.  I will be broad casting from the show tomorrow 4pm to 6pm, and keep in mind Family Day is Saturday, so there will be fun things for the kids to do as well, plus kids get in free before noon.

For so many of us, this is the first sign of spring....The Home and Garden Show at the MSU Pavilion in it's 21st year.  (proving they must be doing something right! )

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