How many times have you been driving down some Michigan road and you spot a structure or home that looks like an old one-room schoolhouse? More than likely, it WAS one a long time ago.

Michigan is known for it's literally THOUSANDS of one-room schoolhouses over the past three centuries.....and there are plenty of them still standing. The ones that remain are either abandoned & deserted or turned into homes, township halls, museums, churches, etc.

The photo gallery here shows you a baker's dozen (13) old one-room schoolhouses still in the Jackson area: Jackson, Brooklyn, Grass Lake & Spring Arbor. Some are homes, museums, churches...and some are unrecognizable. Some are located in the Irish Hills, which - I know - isn't QUITE in Jackson County but Jacksonians have always thought of the area as part of Jackson.

Take a look at these 13 old schoolhouses and please feel free to add some info on any of 'em. Again, a big THANK YOU to all who have seen fit to restore and preserve these classic, treasured structures.

Let me know where there are others in our surrounding area and I'll do a followup!