I would imagine being the best mascot in college sports is not a super easy job for Sparty, the job comes with secrets.  His identity is top secret.  I have been told that very few people know who the person in the Sparty suit actually is.  Not even family.

Here is what we do know, according to M Live.  He is portrayed by a full time student, and this student must maintain high academic standards.    Sparty wannabes also have to pass a rigorous application and a rough try-out process before being allowed to wear the suit.

Spartys real identity is a secret, not even parents or roommate

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s know, you are not allowed to tell anyone.

Sparty has his own security team that go with him to all events.

This is interesting, both men and women have worn the Sparty suit.....I didn't know that.

Sparty has to be a specific height between 5"10' and 6'2", bottom line you gotta fit the suit.

It is a job that keeps you super busy.  Sparty is not just on the side lines at games, he also has about 500 to 600 events every year that he attends, even funerals on occasion.

Sparty is a three time winner of the National Mascot  Championships, and Muscle and Fitness magazine named Sparty the "Buffest Mascot".

So for Sparty, its not easy being green, but it sure sounds like a lot of fun.