On a lonely night in 1946, President Harry S. Truman went to bed around 9pm, and about six hours later he heard it.


The sound against his bedroom  door awakened him, he wrote in a letter to his wife that is archived in his Presidential library and museum.

"I jumped up0 and put on my bathrobe , opened the door and know one was there.' The President went on to say that that night he also heard footsteps and know one was there.

Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, there many many accounts that have come out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue over the past two centuries that give ghosts an undeniable place in the countries history.  I guess that would also make it the nations most famous haunted house.

One former President, Abraham Lincoln reportedly recieved regular visits from his sone Willie, who died in the White House in 1862 at the age of 11.  Mary Todd Lincoln, who was so grief stricken by the loss that she remained in her room for weeks, and she spoke of seeing her sons ghost once at the foot of her bed.

People have also reported hearing Thomas Jefferson playing the violin and Andrew Jackson swearing.

After President Lincoln was assassinated he apparently joined his son and stuck around the White House.  Lincoln’s ghost has been see4n by many a resident and visitor.  Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands was sleeping in the Lincoin bedroom in 1942 when she reportedly heard a knock on her bedroom door, opened it to see the bearded President, and fainted.  British Prime Minister Winston Churchill had just stepped out of a hot bath in that same room and was wearing nothing but a cigar when he encountered Lincoln by the fireplace.  "good evening, Mr.President" Churchill reportedly said "you seem to have me at a disadvantage.

President Reagan  said in an interview that his dog would go into any room in the White House except the Lincoln bedroom.  He would just sit outside and bark

So you decide....haunted or not?

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