Anyone who knows me knows I love cats, don't get me wrong I love dogs too, but there's nothing better than a cat video, cats in the comics and just generally having a cat around.  Now for those of you who can't have a cat in the house have a place to get your cat fix. reports that Cat Cafe's are popping up all over the world.  It all started in Japan where they are cat crazy! (Hello Kitty?) A nice place where you can get a cup of tea and hang out petting the furry felines.  You could probably watch your blood pressure drop.  Now they are coming to the U.S.  there was a pop up cat cafe in Manhatten this spring and now the Cat Town Cafe is now open in Oakland California.  The difference is the cats in the U.S. are up for adoption and Oaklands Cafe serves coffee.  How long before the kitties come to the Capital City?  Wouldn't it be the Purrfect addition to downtown?.

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