This event has been talked about for months, but now it is here.  The Insane Inflatable 5k (fun run) is this weekend.   We have moved to a new venue, that will give us more room to spread out.  Uncle Johns Cider Mill on North US -127 will be the spot to bounce, run, and basically have a total blast while acting like a kid again, or being a kid and running the obstacles.

If you have missed this event in the past, let me try and paint the picture.  The inflatables are huge and each one is a different obstacle , you climb, slide, dodge, bounce, run, crawl, .....well you get the picture.  Take the course at your own speed, it is a riot.   So fun, you will almost forget that you are getting exercise!!

Once you are done on the course, their will be a midway that is where you can grab a bite, play some games, check out local vendors and a whole lot more.  (FYI) I would save eating until after you bounce around....just sayin)

We are having a Christmas in July sale that goes until Friday July 14th where you get 14 dollars off each ticket order.  You will really want to take advantage of that.