This has to be one of the stranger reports I have read, but a report in the British Journal of Psychology says there  is research that shows that smart people are better off with fewer friends.

The report finds that the hunter-gather lifestyles of our ancient ancestors form the foundation for what makes us happy now.  The reporting Psychologists say that situations and circumstances that would have increased our ancestors life satisfaction may still increase our life satisfaction today.

According to the report, people who live in more densely populated areas tend to report less satisfaction with their life overall.  "the higher the population density of the immediate environment , the less happy," and they find that the more social interactions with close friends a person has, the greater their self-reported happiness.

Okay, but their was one huge exception.  For more intelligent people, those findings were reversed.

Bottom line, the report finds that when smart people spend more time with their friends, it makes them less happy.

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