I am sure many others felt the same way I did, with the Mega Millions Jack growing.   Bought some tickets th other day, and there is that moment when you are checking your numbers and your brain is going ...come on , come on....be a winner.  Annnnddd, no.

Back to work you go, only to try again.   If you are like me, I really set myself up for disappointment, once I have the ticket in my hands, that 's when I start planning my winnings.  Don't get me wrong, I will be generous to family and charities, but blast it all I WANT TO BE RICH.  So I will try again today....FYI lottery players The Mega Millions jackpot is upwards of $162 million dollars.

I will be realistic, but just throwing it out to the Universe......I would really like to wake up rich tomorrow.

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