When this story first broke, all I could think of is 'what year is this'?

Headline:  Mark Wahlberg got all the money for "All The Money In The World".   This all came about when Kevin Spacey was fired from the project due to sexual allegations.   Both Wahlberg and co-star Michelle Williams had to do re-shoots with Christopher Plummer who replaced Spacey.  Everything was fine and dandy until it got out just how much the two stars were paid for the re-shoots.

To do re-shoots with Christopher Plummer Michelle Williams was paid one thousand dollars.  Michelle’s co-star Mark Wahlberg was paid for doing his re-shoots...$1.5 MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!

How does this continue to happen, it is 2018 for crying out loud.  Recently a similar pay discrepancy (not on such a huge scale)  happened at the E Network.  Anchors Cat Sadler and Jason Kennedy did the same job, and had both worked at the network for the same amount of time , when Sadler found out her male co-anchor was  making almost double her salary.  When she went to renegotiate she told her boss’s at E! that she wanted to be paid what Kennedy was since they basically did the same job ..the Network said no, so she walked.

Of course this is big news when it happens in Hollywood, but for many women all over the country doing every kind of job...this is a reality they live with everyday.  I often wonder if the people in charge at companies where male - female pay disparity’s are a common practice have daughters.  What would they say to their daughters......' yes honey go to college and get that degree and then get a job where you do the same work as a man but be prepared to not even make close to what he does......just because you are female'.  Wow,  it amazes me that this is even legal, and it is 2018!


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Mark Wahlberg (L) and Michelle Williams attend the premiere of Sony Pictures Entertainment's 'All The Money In The World' at Samuel Goldwyn Theater on December 18, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California.