Some years back, many thought it was crazy for someone in their 40's to have a baby.   I believe they were called 'change of life babies'.  Now days with so many women putting family on hold while they started their careers more and more are having babies in their 40's.   That is becoming kind of the 'norm' today.

In New Delhi with the help of in-vitro fertilisation (IFV) one  couple just had a baby , their first, and the Mom was 70 and her husband was 79.

The Doctor who preformed the procedure thought the woman might be to frail to carry a child to term, so she was sent to several Doctors who did a variety of tests and found out that she was in good shape and should have no problem having a child.

A healthy baby boy was born to the couple on April 19th.    46 years after they were married and 20 years after menopause.  The couple had been told for years that a baby would not be possible, with today's technology that was changed.

The Doctor who preformed the procedure said she is not the first 70 year old to give birth.

Hopefully for the childs sake, the couple live a long and healthy life.

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