I remember getting my first bicycle for Christmas when I was about eight years old.  We had a big basement back then, so we took my bicycle downstairs where I learned how to ride a bike.   I fell off my bike so many times and then eventually mastered my new bike.

Everyone in my family has a bicycle these days and we always try to get out to ride them. According to USA Today, bicycling is on the decline.  Back in 1989, 57 million Americans ages 7 and older rode their bicycles six or more days during the year.

In 2000, that number fell to 43 million.  Here in 2014, the number is down to 36 million.  I just have one question, who's out their counting?  How do they know for sure how many people in the United States are riding their bicycles six or more days during the year?

Happy cycling and thanks for listening. Today's Lite Rock...99.1 WFMK!