A listing for a house for sale in South Caroline is freaking a lot of people out.  The house that is listed on Zillow comes with a warning...

The Fact That It’s Haunted AF

Image via Zillow

What in the HELL is going on with this Zillow listing?

At first glance, this Zillow listing of a home in Cayce, South Carolina seems like a steal. It’s a cute little house with an attic apartment and a separate cottage in the backyard — and it’s only $130,000, which is substantially lower than most of the homes of the same size in the area.

The only problem? Satan himself is apparently living upstairs and will not be vacating. Or an angry ghost of some sort.   Wonder how long this one will stay on the market.

If you take a tour of the home you are NOT allowed to go upstairs, for any reason.

Not a great selling point.